Chris & Larena Johnston

In the spring of 2012, we sold everything we owned to come to Galway Ireland to work with struggling youth. We've done this because the suicide rates in Ireland are alarmingly high, & there is a hopelessness here that many of the youth face, compounded by a prevalent alcohol issue.  Since arriving, we've seen the effects of drug abuse, STD's, fear of unplanned pregnancies, & many more sad stories.  


In the summer of 2013, we began working to build up the local church, Galway Christian Fellowship. We have been volunteering & serving in every capacity we can, both to the congregation and to the community.  The needs are plenty, but the workers are few.


Our main focus in Galway is our ministry to the youth  here in Galway.  At GCF, we have been given the opportunity to lead an extraordinary youth group.  We have a weekly service with dynamic teachings, amazing worship and of course games! These nights grow the youth in their faith, and allows doors for them to invite their friends who do not know Jesus. We have gone from 6 youth, in 2013 to around 30 youth, and we're still growing! Thank God!  We are believing through discipleship, it will empower the youth to reach their hurting peers in Galway for His glory!  We are also currently building up Youth Leaders who have a desire to become youth pastors! What a joy to be able to disciple them in this important work.



Our Journey...


Our main focus is to help the youth in Galway.  Our heart & passion is to be the hands & feet of Jesus to this nation. We have also started serving on a national level with churches around Ireland for annual conferences to build up and encourage others in their walk with Christ in Ireland. 


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Would you like to partner with us in this work?  We believe in the power of prayer, and we value everyone who regularly prays for us and our mission.  We have many prayer needs, but would you specifically pray for our protection, for God's leading, and pray that God would use us in a mighty way.


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One of the biggest challenges here in Ireland, is that missionaries come & go, mainly due to finances.  Would you consider partnering with us, helping us continue this important work here?  We couldn't do this without you!


We would appreciate your support in these efforts!  There is no gift too big or small.


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Hope Ireland Missions is a non-profit missions organization, reaching the next generation for Christ in Galway, Ireland. 

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   Galway Co, Ireland

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